How Does Your Garden Grow?

A great way to start the gardening experience is to help children see what happens when a seed is given the proper amount of light and water. Using beans and a few simple supplies, they can watch as the beans sprout roots and grow, grow, grow!

Supplies needed:

Bean seeds (any type will work)

Paper towels

Clear container (jar, cup or plastic bag)

Spray bottle filled with water

1.      Fold a paper towel and place inside the clear container.

2.      Moisten the paper towel until just damp with water.

3.      Place a few beans on the paper towel and mist lightly with water.

4.      Place the container in a sunny location.

5.      Mist lightly with water each day and watch the roots grow!

As an added activity, have your little one keep a “seed sprout journal” in which they draw pictures of their sprout as it grows. On top of experiencing science and nature, they’ll also enhance their creative and fine motor skills as they draw!