Measuring Up

Measuring Up, The Goddard School®Words like ‘measurement’ and ‘data’ may connote Excel spreadsheets and pie charts, but for a young child, sorting, measuring and collecting is fun.  Measuring and collecting data teaches young children to make logical connections, observe patterns and changes and analyze information. These processes encourage critical thinking skills that are necessary for success in school and life. Early mastery of these skills lays the foundation for positive math experiences throughout a child’s life.

At The Goddard School, children use early math skills throughout their daily routines and activities. Try these activities with your child to encourage early math skills:

  • Play with shape sorters. Describe the colors and shapes, and then match the shapes to items in the room;
  • Sort the laundry together;
  • Have your child help you measure the ingredients for cookies;
  • Weigh produce at the grocery store;
  • Measure items around the house with a ruler, a measuring stick or a piece of string;
  • Use a chore chart to track simple chores;
  • Make a graph of family favorites, such as favorite foods, favorite colors and favorite activities;
  • Cut a pizza into eight equal pieces. 

Want more ideas?  Check out “Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics” from the U.S. Department of Education.