8 Ways You Can Give Back to Your Community as a Family

8 Ways You Can Give Back to Your Community as a Family, The Goddard School®

Giving back to your community can be done in a variety of ways. Let’s find ways that your whole family can participate in giving back. When your little ones see you as their role model, working to help those in need, they will be more inclined to understand the importance of giving back. As parents, we work all day, and the work continues when we come home to do household chores, prepare dinner and help with homework. When our children see that we take the time to give back a little, despite our busy schedules, they will see giving back as something good, rather than a chore. Talk with your children about how lucky they are to have toys and not having to worry about food, clothing and shelter. Discuss different reasons why people become less fortunate and why it’s important to help them. Consider the following ideas for giving back:

  1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, local park or community fundraiser.
  2. Help elderly neighbors do things, such as carrying their groceries, walking their dog or offering them your company.
  3. Plant a tree in your local community to give back to the earth.
  4. Clean up garbage found in your neighborhood.
  5. Collect winter clothing for those forced to live without shelter instead of raising funds for them.
  6. Donate toys so less fortunate children have something to open during the holidays.
  7. Write letters to men and women overseas, especially to those without families back home.
  8. Spend time at a local animal shelter to give back to the pets without a home.

What are some ways your family gives back to your community?