Teaching Thankfulness through Community Service

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Volunteering is an enriching experience for everyone involved. Families have more opportunities and more reasons than ever to volunteer together.

Why should you get involved?

* Volunteering feels good, and children learn to feel satisfaction and pride come in helping others;

* Getting involved strengthens your community. Organizations that use volunteers often provide services at low or no cost to those in need;

* Volunteering can strengthen your family bonds as you have fun together and grow closer. Select one or two projects a year, and make them a family tradition.

What do children learn?

* Children learn how to be on time, do their best and be proud of the results. This creates a sense of responsibility;

* Children learn that one person can make a difference;

* Children learn to think of others. Giving a toy to a less fortunate child helps children learn that other people need our help. Volunteering to clean up a park teaches your children they can improve their community.

How can you get involved?

* The internet offers a lot of information about volunteering. You can begin your search online by typing “community service and volunteer organizations” in the search box;

* Call a local charity, church or hospital.

Community service makes a lasting impression on children. They quickly learn that the service they provide benefits real people, and they feel good about it.

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