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Five Ways to Prevent “Summer Slide”

Summer is an awesome time of year. It’s full of family gatherings, trips to the pool and vacations. With all that awesomeness, though, sometimes learning falls by the wayside. Research has shown that some children experience summer learning loss, also known as “summer slide” because their minds aren’t as engaged as they are during the school year. You can help to keep your child’s brain active and prevent summer slide with these five fun learning activities:

1. Read, read, read. Read to your child or encourage him to read for twenty minutes every day. Taking a trip to the library on hot, humid or rainy days can be fun, too. Also, listening to audio books is great during car trips.

2. Learn a new word every week. Make this a game by seeing who can use the new word the most times throughout the week. You can even make a scoreboard and stick it on the fridge. Encourage your child to look through a picture dictionary to pick out new words.

3. Get cooking. Cooking with your child is a fun way to teach your child math and reading skills as well as how to follow instructions. Look through a cookbook with your little one, and ask him what he would like to make.

4. Hit the road. Take a field trip to a museum, a zoo or an aquarium. Before you go, read a book with your child about the sights at your destination. When you return, you and your child can write a journal entry about your adventures.

5. Go outside. Embrace the nice weather and go on a hike, nature walk or bike ride. Pack a magnifying glass and/or binoculars, and take breaks along the way to take a closer look at things. You and your little one can even take notes on interesting objects or animals and look up more information about them online or in an encyclopedia when you get home.

Another great way to keep kids engaged is to enroll them in an educational camp, like our Goddard School Road Trip USA summer program! We carefully craft our calendar of visitors, Sprinkler & Snow Cone days, and other activities to ensure our students have fun and keep their minds working all summer long. Check out all the cool things we have planned!


Choosing a Summer Program

According to research conducted by the National Center for Summer Learning, which is based at the Johns Hopkins School of Education in Baltimore, Maryland, summer learning loss accounts for about two-thirds of the difference in the likelihood of a student pursuing a college preparatory path in high school. As these findings indicate, keeping children’s brains challenged throughout the summer is crucial, since the lack of learning that occurs during these months has both short-term and long-term consequences.

Keeping a child’s day consistent throughout the summer months keeps the brain focused and helps prevent learning losses during the summer. In addition, this can potentially ease the anxiety that often accompanies transitioning into a new classroom or school year.

Research has shown that programs like The Goddard School that have specific learning goals, use learning and developmental standards and are age-appropriate are ideal in preventing summer learning losses.

Tips for Choosing a Summer Program:
• Choose a program that is based on each child’s interests and natural curiosity – this allows children the opportunity to direct their own learning.
• Ask for credentials, experience and training of the teachers/counselors.
• Check the health and safety practices of the program. Make sure you are comfortable that the program will be able to handle your child’s unique needs.
• Inquire about the daily schedule of the program. Does the program combine songs, stories, exploration, art, physical activities and learning adventures in a safe, nurturing environment? Ask how much freedom a child has to choose activities.
• Ask for references.

2015 Goddard School Summer Camp Calendar

2015 Goddard School K-5 Summer Mini Camps

Goddard School Day at Chase Field!

The Goddard School in Buckeye, in conjunction with The Goddard School in Gilbert at Warner and Lindsay, will be attending our first Goddard School Day at Chase Field!

We will be watching with intensity as the Arizona Diamondbacks battle the Washington Nationals on Saturday, June 4th, at 5:10pm.

Our group seats are located by the Sandlot, so there will be plenty of activities for the children. Our schools will even be highlighted on the scoreboard!

Please be sure to wear your Goddard t-shirt to the game!

For more information about our school please call us at 623-255-3290 or email us at BuckeyeAZ@goddardschools.com.

We can’t wait to see you there!