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Fun Activities to do with Kids When the Weather is Bad

There are always the fun winter activities to do outside when it’s snowing that keeps your kids occupied like;  go sledding, have a snowball fight,  go skiing, build snowmen, go tubing etc.  However, when that big storm comes that traps you inside for days with energized kids or when it’s simply too cold to go out, you might be pulling your hair out trying to break up fights,  constantly cleaning up messes or trying to find a peaceful moment to yourself.   Here are some activities that will help keep your kids occupied and the stress level down.

  1. Indoor hide and go seek.
  2. Indoor tag as long as nothing gets broken.
  3. Have a board game tournament.
  4. Make yummy hot chocolate.
  5. Compete in a game of charades.
  6. Have a coloring contest.
  7. Play the Wii- a lot of games are highly interactive to burn off that stored up energy.
  8. Computer time.
  9. Story time.
  10. Arts and crafts. Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, water colors, stickers, pasta and play-doh can provide some great fun.
  11. Bake your favorite cookies or dessert as a family.
  12. Camp out in the living room.  Make sheet tents.
  13. Bring the snow inside in bowls to explore in the
  14. Puzzle time.
  15. Play tea party (for girls) or cowboys and Indians
    (for boys)

This is just a short list to help you get through those tough winter days of boredom while keeping your kids happy so you’re happy.

Written by: Crystal

Adapted by: Kim Hensinger