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Time to Vote

The Goddard SchoolLet the voting begin!!!

Parents, please log on and vote for our school! The time has come to vote for your favorite 21st Century Skills Build Challenge project.

Our Zebra room submitted their project in the running. They all worked really hard and were very creative! They made a “toy picker upper”
because the children wanted help picking up all the toys that they put out!! What great problem solving skills!

Let’s show our support to our teachers and children!

How?: Go to Goddard schools facebook page, click on photos, and hit like!
What?: Scroll down and look for the Goddard School in Chalfont photo
When?: NOW! Voting ends at 5 PM EST on Monday, March 3, 2014
Why?: Because we love and support our school, teachers and children!

Feel free to share this link with your families and friends to invite them to vote for us!

Thank you for all your support!!!

Written by: Kim Hensinger

February News

The Goddard School

Sounds of Love

This month’s themes are:
Valentines Day!
Genres of Music!

Things to know:
1. President’s Day – We will be Closed on Monday, February 17th for our teachers to attend a full day training on Early Childhood Education.

2. Progress Reports – Your child’s progress report was recently distributed. Please review and return to office by February 15th. If you are interested in a conference with your child’s teacher, please fill out form and return to office by Monday, February 10th.

3. Summer Camp – Registration will begin next week! We have a fun filled fabulous camp planned. Summer camp registration fees cover the costs of all of our special visitors! Look out for Early Bird Specials on your Camp Registration Fee!

4. Inclement Weather – Just a friendly reminder that there are 2 ways that we notify you if the school is closed or opening late due to weather. We will send out text and email alerts to those who signed up for the program. The notifications will be sent out by 6:30 AM. You can also log onto your personal Goddard Family Connect web page.

Fun dates to know:

February 4th – 100th Day of School
February 12th – Humane Society Visits!
February 17th – School Closed! Teacher-In-Service
February 18th – Create Our Own Instruments
February 28th – Family Picture Show and Tell

“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others!” by: Frank Morgan

February is the month of love…give your loved ones an extra hug, kiss and smile! It’s always the best way to start the day!

Written by: Kim Hensinger