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Enrichment Programs

In a previous blog I mentioned some curricular resources our school offers your family that are included in our program. Here are some more that you and your child can look forward to during their education at our school:

1. Sports Mix – This is an introductory program that teaches beginning stretches
and movements for a variety of sports like baseball, soccer,
basketball and hockey!
2. Color Me Healthy – This program is designed to teach children about how to take
care of their bodies by eating healthy and staying active!
3. Art History – This program teaches your child about an Artist and allows them
to try to replica their work by using a variety of art materials
and techniques!
4. Makin Music – Makin’ Music offers the children a variety of songs and movements that
match the seasons and help teach rhythm and tempo!
5. Geography – This introduces the world to your child and helps them learn about
different places and cultures in Europe and Asia!

We are looking forward to watching your children learn these enrichment programs with us and their friends!

Written by: Kim Hensinger