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Spring Has Sprung!

Along with chirping birds, fresh air and muddy footprints, comes excited and energetic kids who have to burn off some well stored up energy left over from Winter. Here are some old good games and some new fun games to play outside:

1. Bouncing Messages: Make one big square that is split up into 9 small squares with letters in each. Each player takes a turn bouncing a ball into a square. Create messages together by adding each letter to the previous one or create a message for your challenger to decode before you finish.

2. Hop-Scotch: Make a board with squares and numbers. When you toss a beanbag on the board, whatever number it lands on is the one you can’t land on.

3.Bossy Ball: Put 6 to 10 strips of masking tape on ball with fun sayings like: “Overhead and Backward”, “Underhand Between Legs”, “Sitting-Down”, “Stand On One Leg” etc. Player must toss ball back based on the demand their hand landed on.

4. Coin-Drop Relay: Place cut open egg cartons on line across the yard. Have teams on other side of yard with pennies (or any other coins). Object is to run to egg carton and around it and drop coin in cup of egg carton without stopping. First team to fill a coin in each cup in egg carton wins!

5. Kick The Can: Place a can in the middle of the yard. One person is it and counts to 30 while others run and hide. Person who is it has to find and tag friends before someone kicks the can!

6. Sardines: Reverse Hide-and-Seek. One person hides. Others search and when each one finds the hidden person they join them. They all squeeze in same space until the last person finds all of them. Then that person starts the next game by hiding!

7. Red Rover Red Rover: Split friends into teams. They hold hands and take turns calling someone over from the other team to try to break through their chain of hands. If person from other team succeeds at breaking through two holding hands, then they take a friend back to their team. If chosen person does not break through, they stay on that team.

8. SPUD: One person stands in middle of circled friends with a bouncy ball. When middle friend says go; they throw up ball as high as can be and other friends scurry away as quick as possible. When friend in middle catches ball the others have to freeze. Now middle person has to throw and try to hit friends with ball. If they are hit they are OUT! Middle person can also take 4 large steps while spelling out S-P-U-D to get as close to friends as possible.

Enjoy the sun, air and laughter that the season brings!

“The earth laughs in flowers”- E.E. Cummings

Written by: Kim Hensinger