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Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to school! We are so excited for all the fun things we have planned this year!

Here is what’s happening this month!

Our monthly theme is All About Me! This month we are learning about “All About Me, Manners, Family, Pets, and Sports I Like to Play!”

-On Tuesday the 1st we had Back to School Sundaes! What a great way to start the new year!

-The 4th we will be having a School Supply Scavenger Hunt! We also have Gym class this Friday!

-Monday the 7th our school is closed to celebrate Labor Day! Enjoy the day with family and friends!

-On the 8th, Miss Heather comes for Music Class!

-Wednesday the 9th is Wear Orange Day! Show your school spirit by wearing the color of the month!

-The 10th is Family Picture Show and Tell! Bring in those photos for your child to share with their friends and teachers!

-Grandparent’s Day Celebrations are being held on Friday the 11th! At 10AM all Grandparent’s are invited to spend some time in the classroom!

-We are doing a Yankee Candle Fundraiser this year! This will start on Monday the 14th and run until Wednesday the 30th when all orders are due! Thanks for your ongoing support of our school!

-Pajama Day is Tuesday the 15th!

-On the 17th, we are going to have a school-wide Tug-of-War! Bring your biggest muscles that day!

-We have Gym Class with Mr Lil Sports and Stretch & Grow Friday the 18th!

-Our biannual Scholastic Book Fair Begins on Monday the 21st! The Book Fair will be at our school until Friday the 25th!

-Tuesday the 22nd we have Music Class with Miss Heather!

-The 23rd is the First Day of Autumn! Get ready for sweatshirts and everything pumpkin!

-Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Gear Day is Thursday the 24th!

-Don’t forget every Monday is Chicken Finger Day and every Thursday is Pizza Day!

And all of this is just in September! Whew! We are going to have so much fun!



September is here

And so is fall.

So welcome children

Welcome all.

I hope vacation

Was real fun.

And that you’re glad

School has begun

Author Unknown


Written by Kara Scott

September News

WELCOME BACK!!! We are so excited to begin a new school year! Here are some themes that your child(ren) will be learning about in September:

My School

My Friends & Family

My Pets

My Senses

My Manners

My Healthy Body


Sept. 8th – Grandparent’s Day 10:00-11:00

Sept. 10th – School Wide Pajama Day!

Sept. 16th – Crazy Hair Day!

Sept. 24th – Rosh Hashanah Begins!

Sept. 26th – Goddard Hat Day!

Sept. 30th – Wear Orange Day!

Please remember to switch out your child’s clothes in order for them to be the correct size and match the fall weather!

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

Written by: Kim Hensinger

September Enrichment

Technology September kicks off a new school year along with new fun activities offered by our many Curriculum Resources!

CPAA is a computer based assessment program that will be starting next week for all our Pre-Kers that are eligible for Kindergarten for the school year of 2014-2015. It is assessment that tests what skill level your child is at in a variety of curriculum areas like Math and Reading. They will be tested once in the Fall, once in the Winter and one more time in the Spring. The results will be shared with parents and the overall progress will be shown at the end of the year after the last session.

Here are some other fun programs you child (ren) will be experiencing during this school year:

1. YOGA- This is a fun exercise program that helps children improve flexibility and
balance while learning new YOGA moves!
2. GGTGA- Guide to Getting Along is a social development program. It helps kids
gain social skills by learning cooperation, kindness, compassion and
friendship towards their classmates!
3. Spanish- This is a wonderful program that helps children learn about another
culture while learning words in its language!
4. B.A.S.E- This program is an active program that focuses on improving motor skills
through a variety of fun activities!
5. Big Book Math and Science- These programs offer big books that help children learn
Science and Math concepts in a kid friendly way!

These are just a few of the fun programs the Goddard School in Chalfont can offer your family. You will always see what resource your child experienced each day written on their daily activity report. Stay tuned for more fun programs that will be described in future blogs!!

Written by: Kim Hensinger

September News

The Goddard SchoolWelcome To A New School Year!!!!

We are so excited to welcome back returning families and new families for a New School Year!!
Here are some things to know for the month of September:

Grandparent’s Day – 9th
School Wide Pajama Day – 11th
Book Fair Begins – 16th
Crazy Hair Day – 17th
Goddard Hat Day – 25th

Fall Fundraiser – Next week we will be kicking off our only fundraiser of the year. Please look for the Joy catalog in your mailboxes. Proceeds from this fundraiser help us pay for extra activities for the children like our magic shows, ice cream parties, etc.

Book Fair – Our book fair will begin on Monday, September 16th and be here until Monday, September 23rd. This is cash and carry event! We also accept checks and credit cards .

Grandparent’s Day – Come one, Come all! Monday, September 9th
we will be celebrating Grandparent’s Day. Feel free to come to our school from 10 a.m to 11 a.m for activities, story time, and snack.

Congratulations to Miss Val and Ben who will marry on Saturday, September 28th!!!!

Written by: Kim Hensinger