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November News

November News

It’s so close to Thanksgiving that you can almost smell it!  Our school will be closed Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28 to celebrate Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy the time with your family!


Here are some fun craft ideas to help get ready for Thanksgiving:

1.  Using a marker, trace your child’s hand.  Let them decorate the hand to look like a turkey using markers and crayons.

2.  Make place mats and place cards out of construction paper.  Have them decorate one for each of your dinner guests with a variety of craft materials.

3.  Use old magazines and catalogs to help your children cut out pictures of things they are thankful for.  They can glue the pictures to paper plates.

4.  Empty paper towel tubes can make wonderful napkin rings! Have the children decorate the tubes then cut them to size.

5.  Make cards for family and friends telling them why they are thankful for them.  All you need is paper and something to write with!


A Thanksgiving Poem

T is for the trust the pilgrims had so many years ago
H is for the harvest the settlers learnt to grow
A is for America, the land in which we live
N is for nature and beauty which she gives
K is for kindness, gentle words, thoughtful deeds
S is for smiles, the sunshine everyone needs
G is for gratitude… our blessings big and small
I is for ideas, letting wisdom grow tall
V is for voices, singing, laughing, always caring
I is for Indians, who taught them about sharing
N is for neighbors, across the street, over the sea
G is for giving of myself to make a better me
by Judith.A. Lindberg


Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Kara Scott


Why is it Important to Give Thanks?

Why is it Important to Give Thanks?

Fall Family - B

            The time has come to fill our bellies with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  It is Thanksgiving!  That, however, is what comes to mind when people mention the fourth Thursday of November.  It is only one of the many American holidays whose original purpose has slowly been forgotten.  Who remembers a time that the Fourth of July wasn’t about fireworks, Christmas wasn’t about presents and Santa Claus and Halloween didn’t involve un-costumed children and mischief fun.  Why is it important to still discuss the importance of giving thanks?  Why should we bestow on our children the original purpose of holidays?

            There are always great reasons and historical facts to why we celebrate certain holidays.  It is important for children to know history and where things originally came from, especially when they have a moral background, like simply being thankful for what you have and for your loved ones.  It is important for children to understand that you don’t just say thank you to one another because Aunt Mary said to.  That saying ‘thank you’ is a gracious way to repay kindness with kindness.  More importantly, it makes others feel appreciated and shows that you are respectful.  It is the little things that count and it is the little things that the American society as a whole, have seemed to have forgotten.  The little acts of kindness, thankfulness and gratitude become more natural the more you practice.  It is also proven that ‘to give thanks’ makes you feel happier, healthier and all together a more positive person.  We need to be thankful for the things we have and for the people we have in our lives.  One of the best ways to teach our children  how to build strong relationships with people is to be respectful and always show gratitude.  A simple thank you and hug goes a long way.

            So just remember, before you take a bite out of your yummy Thanksgiving dinner, sit back, take a moment and give thanks!

 Source by: Matthew Baldwin

Written by: Kim Hensinger

November News

Fall - Family AOur spotlight teacher for November is Ms. Kaylee!  She has been a great addition to the Goddard family and has been with us for a year.  Please stop in the hall by the lobby door to learn more about Ms. Kaylee.

We have added our Toy For Tots bin in the lobby and welcome any gifts that you and your family can provide for the less fortunate.  They will pick up the toys on December 10, 2012.

The time of year has come to give thanks and fill our bellies with delicious foods. We have our Thanksgiving Feast on November 14th at 11:45.  We will read Thanksgiving books, learn fun songs, make a placemat, discuss what we’re thankful for and even dress like Indians and Pilgrims!

We are looking forward to all the fun activities planned throughout the month!  Happy November!

Written by: Kim Hensinger