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May Days!

Can you believe it’s already May? Everything is starting to turn green and flowers are blooming! Spring is officially here!


We have a busy month ahead of us! This month our theme is “Shops All Around” and we are learning all about the different shops around our towns!  We will also be talking about money and other places where we can spend it!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the school on Tuesday! The children enjoyed some festive treats and had a blast doing festive activities like hitting a pinata and dancing to “The Mexican Hat Dance!”

Yesterday was Pajama Day at our school!  We came to school in our favorite PJ’s to show our school spirit!

This Sunday the 10th is Mother’s Day! Don’t forget!  On Monday all the Moms are invited to enjoy a muffin at drop-off!

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week! We have some fun things planned to show our teachers how much they are appreciated!

On Tuesday the 19th, wear purple to show your school spirit!

We are going to enjoy some yummy ice cream sundaes with the children on Wednesday the 20th!

Our school is closed on Monday the 25th to celebrate Memorial Day! Enjoy the time with your family and friends!

Friday the 29th we are going to have a Goddard School Picnic!  Pack a lunch for your child to enjoy on a blanket outside with their friends! Rainy weather won’t stop us! We can lay out our blankets in the hallway!




by Kaitlyn Guenther

So many flowers are blooming.

Petite little squirrels come out to play.

Really big bears awake from their slumbers.

Imaginative children enjoy a walk with their friends.

No tree is left standing without any leaves.  So

Go ahead, jump for joy because spring is here.


Written by: Kara Scott



Happy Earth Day!

Today we celebrated Earth day! At 10 AM we shut off all the lights in the school and worked on some Earth day activities!  Each class decorated a letter to spell out “EARTH” with various art materials!  We also worked on Earth friendly projects with pieces of nature, recyclables, blue and green markers, crayons, and paper! We had so much fun doing our Earth friendly centers in the dark using flashlights!  Some of the children’s hard work will be hung in the hallway! Don forget to check it out!

In honor of Earth Day, here are some ways you can help the environment:

1. Turn off the lights when leaving a room.

2. Turn off the TV if you aren’t watching anything.

3. Unplug any appliances that aren’t being used.  They use energy even if they are turned off!

4. Recycle!  Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum,  and some metals can all be recycled!

5. Throw trash and recyclables in the respective containers.  No littering!

6. Plant a tree!

7. Wash your clothes in cold or warm water.

8. Use both sides of paper.

9. Fill a reusable bottle for drinking water instead of bottled water.

10. Pay bills online instead of paper bills!

He that plants trees loves others beside himself.

— Thomas Fuller

Written by: Kara Scott

Showers of Fun!

April showers bring May flowers! It may be rainy this month, but at least it isn’t snow! We are all getting back into our routines after our Spring Break! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their families and friends!


This month we are Ready for Spring! The children will be learning about Weather, Rainbows, Kites, Gardening, Flowers, Bugs and Earth Day!  Some fun things are coming up this month!

Bring a Joke to School on Tuesday the 14th.  We can’t wait to hear what jokes come in!

On Wednesday the 15th our classrooms will have Mystery Readers! Please let the office know if you would like to come in a read a book!

The Book Fair comes to school on Monday the 20th! We love the Book Fair! So many good books to earn for our school!

We are hosting a Mommy & Me Night on Tuesday the 21st! Come to the school after hours to listen to a story and browse the book fair in your pajamas!

Earth Day is Wednesday the 22nd!  We have some fun recycling activities planned!

Thurday the 23rd is Take Your Child To Work Day!

On Tuesday the 28th we are going to buddy-up the older kids with younger kids to get creative with art!

Wear the colors of the rainbow on the 29th to show your school spirit!


April Showers
April showers bring May flowers,
That is what they say.
But if all the showers turned to flowers,
We’d have quite a colourful day! There’d be bluebells and cockleshells,
Tulips red and green,
Daffodils and Chinese squill,
The brightest you’ve ever seen. You’d see tiger lilies and water lilies,
Carnations pink and blue,
Forget-me-not and small sundrop
Glistening with the dew. We’d have fireweed and milkweed
And many more different flowers.
Mexican star and shooting star,
Falling in the showers. And if all the showers turned to flowers
On that rainy April day,
Would all the flowers turn to showers
In the sunny month of May?

by Karen Chappell


Written by Kara Scott

Spring Happenings!

Welcome Spring! We are so happy to be enjoying nice days outside!

Yesterday we learned about Jack and the Beanstalk! We had so much fun planting our “magic” beans!  We can’t wait to watch them as they grow! Will they grow as tall as Jack’s did?

Here are some things that are happening in our area:

New Britain Township’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt is this Saturday the 28th! This is the rain date for the event due to snow last Saturday.  The egg hunt starts at 10 AM Sharp and is located at North Branch Park, 207 Park Avenue.

Brunch with the Bunny is at The Market at DelVal, 2100 Lower State Rd , Doylestown on Sunday the 29th at 9 AM.  Reservation and Pre-Payment is required.  Contact: 215-230-7170 Adults $15 Children $10 You can take pictures of your child with the Bunny for free!  

Tabora Farm and Orchard is hosting their Easter Open House on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th from 10 AM- 4 PM. There will be demonstrations and tasting of cake, crepes, and fresh mozzarella. Tasting of espresso, rotisserie chicken, wine and cheese.  Personal pie making and tastings.  You can see a catering example and a tasting.  New ice cream flavors and Easter flowers will be available.  Door prizes will be given as well!

Hilltown Township is holding their Annual Egg Hunt on Saturday the 28th at 10 AM.  It is located at The Hilltown Civic Park located at 1123 Route 152, Hilltown.  Rain or Shine!

So many fun things are happening this weekend!  Enjoy whatever you choose to do with your family!  Please remember our school will be closed Friday the 3rd of April and Monday the 6th.  Happy Spring!


Eggs come in many sizes
Eggs hold some big surprises
Speckled, brown, white, or blue
Eggs hold babies that are new
Chicks from eggs are fluffy yellow
Chicks from eggs are funny fellows!

– Author Unknown


Written by: Kara Scott


Marching into Spring!

Welcome Spring! It is so nice to hear the childrens’ excited voices coming from the playground! We are so ready for nicer weather!

Here is what we have planned for March:

This month’s themes are Folklore, Nursery Rhymes, Disney Fairytales, Poetry, St. Patrick’s Day, Giants and Dr. Seuss!

We are hosting a Canned Food Drive for the Bucks County United Way!  Please drop off any canned goods in the orange box in the foyer! Thank you!

We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday the 17th! Check for the sign up sheets on the classroom doors to bring in a treat!

Wednesday the 18th we are showing our school spirit by wearing the color of the month… GREEN!

We are going to plant “magic” beans with our friends on Wednesday the 25th!

Hat day is Friday the 27th!  Wear your favorite hat to school!

Action Karate is coming to our school on Monday the 16th and Monday the 30th! Hi-yah!

Hug O’War

I will not play at tug o’ war.
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins.

by Shel Silverstein

Warm Thoughts!

February is going by so quickly! Hopefully that means Spring will not be too far away!

Thinking of Spring makes me think of Summer!  Summer registration is now due if your child will be attending.  Our Summer schedule begins Monday, June 22nd and goes through to Friday, August 28th! Summer is going to be so much fun! We have fun visitors coming in and tons of great activities planned! Here are links to our Summer Calendar and more information on what our Summer Calendar is powered by!

Summer Calendar:


Powered by STEAM:



It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

Written by: Kara Scott


February News!

February is here and the groundhog saw his shadow! 6 more weeks of winter!  We have so many fun things planned this month! We are learning about Artists, Musicals, Music & Dance, Instruments and of course Valentine’s Day!

This month we are also collecting donations for The American Heart Association.  We have a donation box set up in the lobby along with stickers and informative flyers!  Our school is wearing red to support The American Heart Association on Friday the 6th!

Wear your favorite pajamas to school on Tuesday the 10th!

We are celebrating National Make a Friend Day on Wednesday the 11th!  The children will be working in pairs with friends in their classroom to complete tasks!

Our Valentine’s Day celebrations are on Friday the 13th!  There are sign up sheets on the classroom doors for each room’s parties.

Our school is closed for President’s Day on Monday the 16th.  Our teachers have an In-Service that day to learn new fun things for our school!

When we come back to school on Tuesday the 17th, the children will be creating their own instruments!

Wednesday the 18th is a spirit day!  Pink is our color of the month.  We will show our school spirit by wearing pink!

Then to end the month, we are going to have a Freeze Dance Party!  We can’t wait to see all the dance moves!

So many fun things are happening!  The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but Spring is in the near future!


Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~Robin Williams


Written by: Kara Scott

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year!

We are so excited for all the fun things to come this year!


Here’s what’s happening in January:

-Wear an animal mask to school on Tuesday the 6th!

-We will be playing Animal Charades on Wednesday the 7th!

-Bring a stuffed animal to school on Wednesday the 14th!

-A Mystery Reader will be coming into the classrooms on Wednesday the 21st!

-We are designing our own animals on Friday the 23rd!

-Wear Blue to school on Wednesday the 28th to show your school spirit!

-Friday the 30th is the 100th day of school!


Here are some ideas for indoor snowy day play!

1.  Bring the snow inside! Put on your mittens and hats and explore the snow in a big bowl or tub!

2.  Play dress-up! Pull out those old prom and bridesmaid dresses and let your children put on a fashion show!

3.  Bake or cook! Have your kids help you make some yummy cookies!  Or let them decide what to make for dinner and help cook it!

4.  Arts and crafts!  Make a bird feeder out of peanut butter and birdseed! Birds need help in the winter finding food!

5.  Do a big puzzle! Work with your kids to find all of the outside pieces to get it started!

6.  Read some stories or watch a movie in front of the fireplace!

7.  Have fun and stay warm cuddled up on the couch with some yummy hot chocolate!


“Little January
Tapped at my door today.
And said, “Put on your winter wraps,
And come outdoors to play.”
Little January
Is always full of fun;
Until the set of sun.
Little January
Will stay a month with me
And we will have such jolly times –
Just come along and see.”
–  Winifred C. Marshall, January


Written by: Kara Scott



Holiday Happenings

Happy Holidays!

Our classrooms held their Holiday shows today!  Everyone did such a great job and we are so proud of them all!

With the warm weather this week  it sure doesn’t feel like winter, but the first day of winter is Sunday December 21st!   Please make sure your child’s extra clothes are winter weather appropriate.   Thank you!


Holiday Schedule:

Wednesday, December 24th our school is closing at 12:30 pm to celebrate the Holiday.  We will be closed for winter break Thursday, December 25th until Monday,  January 5th.  Enjoy all the quality family time during the Holidays and the break!  We will see you all in the new year!


Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again.
~Bill Morgan, Jr.