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How Do You Keep the “Gimmies” Away?

The holidays are a fun time for children. They get to ask for all kinds of goodies they want or desire and there is a good chance they might get them.  However, it may cause them to want more and more while losing the spirit and purpose of the holiday.  Is there a way to control the “gimmies”?  How do you still encourage the fun and excitement of the holidays without forgetting the meanings of them?  There is no full-proof way of getting rid of the “gimmies” but there are some things you can do to limit them.

As adults we should always be honest with our children.  Discuss with your child the reasons they can’t have something if you know there is not a possibility of them receiving it.  You may simply state that we don’t get everything we want in life.  You can also get into financial reasons, environmental reasons or that it might be difficult because too many people desire it.  Only you know your child best and how they will understand the message you are trying to put across.

The holidays are also a perfect time to sort out old toys to give to charity.  One way is to divide toys into two more or less equal piles.  Make sure they understand that the holidays are approaching and since new toys are in the near future that they should donate any toy that they have lost interest with or isn’t age appropriate.  Then you can approach the piles with rules such as for every one you pick to keep, pick two to give away.  It is important for you to pick together a charity to take the unwanted toys to.  You and your child can discuss on the way about what the charity will do with the toys and who will benefit.  You could also have them choose gifts for a family member all on their own or find out information about Toys for Tots and donate a gift to another child.  All of these activities will help remind your child that giving is as much as a part of the holidays as receiving is.

It is hard to compete with all the enticing and fun advertisements towards children and even with the friends discussing all their wish lists.  However, you can still find little ways to show the true meanings of the holidays while keeping the excitement and magic within your child!

Written by: Kim Hensinger