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We Love Our Earth!!

Today is Earth Day! During the month of April we have experienced lots of fun activities that have taught us about Children and the Earth! There are many things children can do to help the Earth. Some things we have done at our school this week to celebrate ‘Root for Earth’ included creating art with recycled materials, a visit from Home Depot where we painted flower pots to use at home, a visit from The City of Franklin Sanitation Department who talked about recycling with us and going an hour without lights at school. Here are some ideas of things you can do with your children at home that will benefit the Earth while also building skills:

*Children love to sort! Sorting items for recycling is a wonderful activity to reinforce math skills while helping the Earth. Counting the paper, glass and metal items will also develop math skills. Social skills, such as compassion and kindness, can grow as you discuss why you recycle with your children.

*What child does not enjoy turning switches and pushing buttons? Encourage your child to help the Earth by turning the lights off when they leave a room and turning the water off when they are brushing their teeth. You can also develop their responsibility by making them the ‘light helper’ and having them turn lights off in the house when not in use. Children thrive on being given responsibility!

*Planting plants and gardening are another wonderful way to build learning skills while having fun digging in the dirt! You can develop math skills by counting seeds with children. They can develop gross motor skills as they dig small holes for flowers and fine motor skills as they pick up the seeds. There are countless science discussions to be had about plant life and weather while outside!

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and have some fun while helping our planet!!


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