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Importance of Community Service

Commitment to family and community is characteristic of Goddard Schools. We make a difference in our communities by participating in local sponsorship as well as charitable outreach programs. The children in our schools learn about the importance of helping others and the significance of giving and being a part of their communities.

To build a foundation of good citizenship with your children, foster the essential skills of friendship, compassion, cooperation and kindness. Lead by example and teach your children the significance of helping others. Although there may be some limitations, children of almost every age can give back by participating in their communities every day:

* Teach children to love and respect nature – plants, animals and even insects. It’s okay to catch crickets, butterflies and tadpoles as long as they are set free after a reasonable observation time.

* Respect the property of others. Be a good role model and remember to clean up after the family dog in your neighbor’s yard.

* Protect the planet and encourage your children to recycle.

* Your local library can be a great resource for community information. Ask the librarian if they have a list of community events and service organizations that are child friendly and in need of volunteers.

Look for ways to give back to your community that can empower your children. Let them learn to create change in their own lives and the lives of others.

Goddard School of Kennesaw/Acworth: Trunk or Treat

At the Goddard School of Kennesaw, we value safety while trick or treating. To help parents have a stress-free trick or treating experience for their little ones, we will be hosting a Trunk or Treat in our cordoned off parking lot. This event is only for children younger than 12 years to participate in.

Call us if you would like to bring your little one and have a relaxed and enjoyable trick or treating experience.

Event Details:

Trunk or Treat, Monday October 31st 5pm-6pm

Goddard School of Kennesaw

3190 Blue Springs Road

Kennesaw GA 30144

Ph: (770) 975 7555

Speech and Language Development – How to help your child?

At the Goddard School in Kennesaw GA , we love helping our toddlers and preschoolers strengthen their speech and language development. This is a very critical part of their development growth as they grow out of infancy and enter the toddler age. When a toddler is able to communicate to their peers or adults around them, it greatly eases their frustration. Therefore, for educators and parents, speech and the ability to communicate is high on our radar during those years. Going into our preschool years, the power of communication is the foundation to their developing their curiosity and learning all that we surround them with as teachers and parents.

Speech and Language Development Parent Seminar

Recognizing this, as a school, we organized a seminar for our parents to help them with what to expect at the different ages from birth to 6 years.  Mrs. Christine Law is a licensed Speech-language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience in working with children from birth through school age. We invited her to our school yesterday to talk to our parents and help them with the critical developmental goal of speech and language. Mrs. Law helped our parents with details of speech milestones at the different ages. Her presentation was strongly infused with real life examples from her own parenting challenges and helped our parents immensely in understanding how to implement the tips and strategies she shared with them. The presentation empowered parents with ideas that they can do on a daily basis to take advantage of the multiple opportunities we get everyday to stimulate and tempt our children to communicate. One of our parents who attended the session, Dr. Simon, is a specialist on linguistics and language acquisition. His impression was that, “Mrs. Law’s presentation was very informative and really useful to him as a parent”.

Thank you Mrs. Law for helping our parents, teachers and children at the Goddard School build up that foundation of communication which is inherent to an enriched childhood!

Tips to ‘Tempt Communication’ !

1. Eat something your child loves in their presence. Model an advanced way for them to make a request for it.

2. Pay turn-taking games such as rolling a ball back and forth. When your child expects a turn, hold the ball and wait. Look at him/her to make a sign or a verbal request. If none is made, model an appropriate request such as the sign for “ball”, the /b/ sound, the word “ball” or the phrase “ball please”.

3. When modeling communication, stay only 1 step ahead of the child’s current developmental stage.

4. Tempt your child with activities or toys they will be very interested in and encourage them to “ask” for it.

Enjoy communicating with your little one!

To learn more about the Goddard School located in Kennesaw, GA, please visit http://www.goddardschool.com/Schools/Kennesaw-II-GA/schools.gspx

Developing vocabulary through Reading

Scintillating Science Fair at the Goddard School of Kennesaw

The Goddard School of Kennesaw hosted its Annual Science Fair on April 22nd. It was amazing to watch young minds at work. Toddlers learned science through the enriching activities of planting and measuring the growth of plants. Pre K children picked individual science experiments and made formal presentations. Our parents participated and cheered our children on as they tried their hands at different ways to unlock the mysteries of science! What a wonderful day filled with exciting learning and expanding preschool minds!