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FLEX Learning Program at The Goddard School

The Goddard School of Morganville, NJ is pleased to announce its “Flex Learning Program”.  FLEX Learning is a fun, learning experience.  It summarizes the Goddard School approach, which is “Learning through play–having fun and being flexible in meeting the needs of the individual child.”   This Program is based on the latest research in how children learn and the premise that each child is unique.   FLEX Learning is designed to ensure each child’s essential foundation as a happy, confident learner and provides the optimal environment for a young child’s development.  The program’s foundation is the learning continuum that encompasses development guidelines with formative assessments, child-focused lesson plans, a creative and fun environment and a personalized child-centered approach that meets each child’s needs.  FLEX Learning is delivered by professional, trained teachers who use assessment results to select the materials and activities that create a fun, challenging and safe learning experience.   The result is a confident learner who is ready for school! 

FLEX Learning incorporates seven core, academically accepted learning domains. These are the standard learning domains that are included in most state guidelines for quality early childhood education and are part of the curriculum requirements for most accreditations.   The domains are:


1.      personal and social development;

2.      language and literacy;

3.      mathematical thinking;

4.      scientific thinking (including technology);

5.      social studies;

6.      creative expression; and

7.      physical development.


The definition of FLEX Learning, and accompanying marketing tools, are designed to be “flexible” and allow you to personalize each presentation to parents.  If a parent is more concerned about their child having fun and less concerned with academics you can highlight the creative and fun environment along with child-centered learning.  If a parent is concerned with school readiness you can discuss the formative assessments, lesson plans and how programs are personalized for their child’s needs (child-focused).  The FLEX Learning materials help to reassure parents that their child will receive a well-rounded program designed to bring out his/her full potential.

For more information about The Goddard School located at 50 Route 520, Morganville (Marlboro Twp.), NJ please visit