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Age Appropriate Fitness: What’s Best for Preschoolers

What’s Best for Preschoolers: Age Appropriate Fitness

Focusing your child’s physical fitness on fun activities will increase their ability to move with confidence and competence. Exercise increases overall metabolism, builds a healthy heart and lungs, strong bones and muscles, and improves coordination, balance, posture and flexibility.

At The Goddard School in Skokie, we believe that fitness and activity should be a part of every child’s life. Our certified & licensed teachers incorporate age appropriate activities at every level. Indoor activities such as hula hoop play, freeze dance and “Red Light, Green Light” are a part of each child’s day and they all love the climbing wall in our state of the art multipurpose room.


The Importance of Outdoor Play

We believe in outdoor play and our new 10,000+ square foot playgrounds and all-natural, chemical free, lawn areas offer ample room for exploring, running and climbing. And with two playgrounds, specifically designed for two age groups, there is something fun for everyone! Typical outdoor activities include a mix of organized and free play such as soccer, coloring with sidewalk chalk and obstacle courses.

Older Playground:


Younger Playground:


Wondering what activities are appropriate for your young children and toddlers? Take a look at our recommendations below.

Appropriate Infant Activities

Encourage babies to explore activities that allow for reaching, rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling themselves up and walking. ‘Tummy Time’ is the perfect opportunity for babies to practice lifting their heads and develop strong muscles. Placing toys just out of reach encourages babies to reach for the toys, assisting in physical development.

Recommended First Steps/Toddler Activities

Support young toddlers’ mastery of walking by allowing them to be active! Play with them as they learn to run, hop, dance and throw. Have them chase bubbles or invent a silly walk – play becomes exercise. Remember to always provide encouragement to toddlers as they build self-confidence.

Preschool + Activity Ideas

Preschoolers need plenty of time and space to run around and play. Taking your child to a playground or park is a great way to release energy and exercise! Encourage creative dancing and riding scooters and tricycles. Play ‘Statues’ by playing up-tempo music. Have your child move while the music is playing and freeze into a statue when you pause it. Play outside with your child and teach hand-eye coordination by showing the basics of throwing, catching and kicking a large, soft ball.

As winter approaches, parents with children of any age are looking for indoor and outdoor activities that allow kids to burn off some steam, stay fit and more importantly, have fun!

If you have not seen the activity facilities at The Goddard School in Skokie, give us a call at 847-773-0200. We offer the highest level childcare experience on the North Shore and our Gross Point Road location is easily accessed from Wilmette, Skokie and Evanston.

We love talking to expectant parents and those with infant, toddler, preschool and Pre-K aged children about our school. Having raised two children since infancy in The Goddard School in Chicago, we are passionate about the quality and results. Give us a call to talk about your needs or schedule a tour.