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The Pros of Private Kindergarten

Schools and classes tend to be much smaller. According to the National Center for Education Statistics study, private schools tend to be half as large as public schools. Many experts feel that children are less likely to get lost in the shuffle if they attend a smaller school, which naturally nurtures a sense of community and belonging. In addition, the teacher-student ratios in private schools tend to be more favorable, says the National Association for Independent Schools.

There’s often less bureaucracy. Teachers at private schools tend to spend less time on mandated paperwork and more time on instruction. They also are not compelled to focus on test scores. As a result, teachers tend to enjoy more autonomy in the classroom and have more creative control over their teaching methods. The Goddard School® in Swedesboro, NJ is owned by Colleen Zahirnyi who is at the school daily.

Parent Involvement is strong. Not only do private schools encourage parents’ participation, but it’s also true that the parents of private school students tend to be extremely committed to having a say in their child’s education. Parents are able to communicate with their child’s teacher every single day about their child, not just at conferences. I think this is a huge benefit!)

Parents have the flexibility of extended hours. The Goddard School® is open from the hours of 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. As a full time parent, you are able to utilize before and after care for our full day Kindergarten because it is included in your monthly tuition.