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What To Do With The Kids During Break

With the kids off from school this week parents are looking for activities to do with the kids and here are a few ideas:


  •  Kids Movies Playing Now -There are plenty of kid’s movies out this holiday season. Try checking out The Muppets, Happy Feet 2, Arthur Christmas, Hugo and, for older kids, War Horse.
  • Museums– Many museums have holiday displays or even special events for the kids to check out over the holiday break.
  •  Roller or Ice Skating- Have your kid’s burn energy while skating. Just make sure they wear protective gear.
  • Take a Hike– Take a family hike and discover the outdoors
  • Be a Chef– Let your kids help you in the kitchen while you supervise. This can be a great learning experience. Reinforce counting as you measure the ingredients. Let them help you pour the ingredients in a bowl to practice coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Science Experiments – You can do some really interesting home science experiments with household items. Teach them about static electricity by rubbing your feet on the carpet and touching each other to see if a static shock develops. Mix some baking soda, vinegar and raisins and see if you can get raisins to dance. Search on the Internet for some more interesting science experiments you can do at home. Just use your best judgment to determine what’s safe for you and your child.
  • Pen Pals– Teach your child how to send a good old fashioned letter. Let them create their own holiday cards and send them to relatives or even classmates. Your child’s friends will be excited to get mail and your child will have fun creating their own holiday cards, for just the cost of some stamps.


The holidays are a special time for children. Take the time off to slow down, spend quality time with the family and enjoy the special moments.