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Baking Holiday Memories

Bake up some warm holiday memories with your children this season. Put on those aprons, the mess is part of the fun! Older children can crack the eggs and measure wet/dry ingredients, while the younger children participate by pouring the pre-measured ingredients into the mixing bowl (be sure to point out that oil and water don’t mix) and by stirring and creating cut-outs with cookies cutters. Be sure to encourage creativity and imagination when it is time to decorate! Festively colored frostings, sparkly sanding sugars, pre-cut fondant in holiday shapes (or make your own), gumdrops and more are perfect for little fingers, and make for wonderful holiday cookie decorations. Don’t forget to taste test your creations! Giving and sharing provide a feeling of joy that you can reinforce by having your children deliver a plate of cookies to a neighbor or the local senior center.

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

We see our family and friends, eat too much pie, enjoy a few extra days off from school and work, but beyond that… How can we demonstrate to our children the importance of both Thanksgiving and giving thanks?

The first Thanksgiving. First, let’s start by making sure our children know the story of the first Thanksgiving. Pick up a developmentally-appropriate book or find information online. It is important to discuss this story of hardship, friendship and sharing in an age-appropriate way.

A new tradition. Establish a new family tradition revolving around what your family is thankful for. This Thanksgiving, have everyone write or draw what they are most thankful for. Together, decorate a shoebox or journal to everyone’s answers. Make a point of adding to this box or journal throughout the year, and by next Thanksgiving you will have an amazing record of thanks. Add to this year after year—what a great treat it will be for the family to read through each Thanksgiving as your children grow!

Share. What are some of the things your children are most thankful for?

Easy Halloween S’mores

S’mores are a delicious treat but they usually require a campfire. These simple s’mores can be made without a campfire and are just as yummy!


  •  Graham crackers
  • Chocolate-hazelnut spread
  • Marshmallow crème
  • Black and orange nonpareils

Spread four graham cracker squares with chocolate-hazelnut spread, and spread four graham cracker squares with marshmallow crème. Pair off the marshmallow and chocolate-hazelnut squares and sandwich them together. Place them on a microwave-safe plate and microwave them, uncovered, on high for 30 seconds. Once they’re nice and warm, sprinkle the gooey edges in black and orange nonpareils. Then enjoy!

Apple Printing

The Goddard School® located in Wayland, MA, recommends trying new activities with your child!



Paint (Use washable poster paint for paper prints and fabric paints for clothes)

Paper plates

Something to print on

Newspaper to protect table

Art smocks

Knife to cut the apple

*Children should have adult supervision throughout this activity.


How To:

  1. Cover your working area with newspaper, and make sure everyone is wearing old clothes or a smock!
  2. Pour paint on to paper plates (one color per plate).
  3. Cut the apples in half.  Create an apple silhouette by cutting the apple from top to bottom, or create a circle with a star by cutting the apple horizontally.  Have your child guess what each shape will look like before you cut the apple, or brainstorm different ways to create different shapes with the apple.
  4. Have your child dip the flat side of the apple in the paint, thoroughly covering the apple, and then place it on the printing surface.
  5. Have fun creating fun designs and pictures with your homemade stamps!

Our Garden

The Pre-K 2 children picked some green beans and some more tomatoes today. Please view our Facebook page for some photos.

Tomatoes are ready

We have many tomatoes that are ready to be eaten in our garden. Please view our Facebook page for a photo.

Gardening at Goddard

The Pre-K 1 classroom has been doing a wonderful job taking care of the school’s garden. The cherry tomatoes are plentiful and we are just waiting for them to ripen. Please view our Facebook page  to see a photo.


Travel Quick Tips

Travel Quick Tips

* Assemble a travel kit in a small, easy-to-grab bag—this can make unexpected situations like emergent dashes to the rest stop or airplane bathroom, and other daunting places, that much easier to deal with. Include items like potty seat covers, a small pack of wipes, small trash bag, mini first aid kit, child-friendly hand sanitizer, mini coloring book and a few crayons and some age-appropriate snacks.

* If traveling by car, leave room in your itinerary for “zoomie” breaks. It can be difficult for a young child (and parents, too!) to sit in a car for hours on end. Take a 15-minute break now and then at a family-friendly rest stop or park to stretch, run off a little energy or make silly noises.

* Try to maintain some likeness to your child’s typical schedule. A child with a general sense of what to expect and when is generally a happier child!

Duck Update

The ducks are enjoying their new home at the farm with some other ducks and chickens. Please visit our Facebook page to view a photo.



Some classrooms released their butterflies today. This picture is of a butterfly before it flew away.