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Archive for May, 2016

Ducklings’ First Long Weekend

Quackers, Cookie, Peep and Fluff had a wonderful Memorial holiday weekend at Kim’s house. They enjoyed being together outside all weekend, and swimming in the pool in the sunshine. Next weekend they will be going to their new home at Sakonnet Farm.

ducks swimming

naptime over the weekend

Our Ducklings Are Here!

On Monday, May 28th 4 of our 5 eggs hatched. Everyone had an opportunity to post and vote for their favorite duckling name on Facebook. The ducklings’ names are: Sir-Fluffs-A-Lot (back left), Peep (front left), Quackers and Milk (front right), and Cookies & cReem (this is not a typo, this duck is named after one of the owners of the school, Reem) (back right).


Three more days to go!

Three more days to go! Today we removed the egg turning ring from the incubator, so the ducklings can move freely inside their shells. We were so excited to see the eggs rolling and shaking. Looks like we are going to have some very active ducklings! Feel free to visit our Facebook page for a photo.

Candling the Eggs on the 16th Day of Incubation

resized week 2 resized week two

We are a little over half way to our hatch date. We cannot believe how big the duckling embryos are becoming. Sadly, we discovered that two of the eggs were not fertilized. There are 5 eggs remaining in the incubator.  The breeds of the duck eggs are: Pekin, Blue Swedish, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga and White Crested.


Candling the Eggs, Let’s See What Is Inside


Candling the eggs is a great way to see if the eggs are fertilized. On the 7th day of incubation a fertilized egg that is placed over a bright light will show the appearance of veins and a teeny-tiny embryo.


Make Way for Ducklings in Wayland, MA

resized incubator

Day one of incubation was April 25th. Seven duck eggs were set in the incubator. 28 days until they hatch. Please check back from week to week for updates.

Pocket Full of Kisses

Pocket Full of Kisses

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here’s a craft that little ones can do (with an adult’s assistance and supervision, of course) to thank mom for all that she does.

What you need:

* Two white paper plates

* Crayons, washable markers and/or water-based paint

* Hole punch

* Yarn, ribbon or a long shoelace

* Safety scissors

* Bag of Hershey’s KISSESâ

* Peel-and-stick magnets (optional)

1. Cut one paper plate in half and leave the other one whole.

2. Use the hole punch to punch holes, about one inch apart, along the straight edge of the cut plate.

3. Put the plates together so that the outside edges match up (this will form the pocket). While they are together, continue to punch holes, about one inch apart, around the edges of both plates.

4. Use the yarn, ribbon or long shoelace to sew the two plates together. (You won’t actually sew the straight edge of the cut plate to the full plate, but you can lace the yarn through these holes for decoration and added support.)

5. Tie the ends of the yarn, ribbon or shoelace together when sewing is complete.

6. Make a hole at the top and tie a piece of yarn or ribbon through for hanging on the wall or attach a few peel-and-stick magnets to the back for hanging on the refrigerator.

7. Decorate with crayons, washable markers and/or water-based paint.

8. When complete, fill the pocket with Hershey’s KISSESâ and present to mom on her special day! Once the KISSES are gone, mom can continue to use the pocket for recipes, coupons or more candy.