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Archive for July, 2016

Duck Update

The ducks are enjoying their new home at the farm with some other ducks and chickens. Please visit our Facebook page to view a photo.



Some classrooms released their butterflies today. This picture is of a butterfly before it flew away.

Update on our Caterpillars

All of our caterpillars are in chrysalis. We are so excited for them to emerge.


Rainy Summer Day

Rainy Summer Day

Before you put on the children’s favorite movie for the eleventh time on a rainy summer afternoon, use the opportunity to star in your own production.  Dramatic play is an important part of early learning and can be a lot of fun. When children engage in dramatic play, they adopt and manipulate identities, playing out the ideas of the world around them and fantasy worlds. This critical component of the developmental learning process helps children develop abstract thinking, literacy, math, scientific thinking and communication skills naturally.

Dramatic play is part of the everyday curriculum in all Goddard School classrooms.  Parents can join in the fun by getting down on the floor and playing with the children. You and your children can make costumes of their favorite story characters using old clothes, paper and crayons and then act out the scenes. If your children love Goldilocks and the Three Bears, let them assign you a character to play and let them lead the way. With very young children, dramatic or pretend play can be as simple as drumming with pots and pans or pretending to make a meal. It may feel like play, but it is your child’s work and it helps children learn.  Before you know it, the rain will stop and you can go play outside.