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Gardening at Goddard

The Pre-K 1 classroom has been doing a wonderful job taking care of the school’s garden. The cherry tomatoes are plentiful and we are just waiting for them to ripen. Please view our Facebook page  to see a photo.


Travel Quick Tips

Travel Quick Tips

* Assemble a travel kit in a small, easy-to-grab bag—this can make unexpected situations like emergent dashes to the rest stop or airplane bathroom, and other daunting places, that much easier to deal with. Include items like potty seat covers, a small pack of wipes, small trash bag, mini first aid kit, child-friendly hand sanitizer, mini coloring book and a few crayons and some age-appropriate snacks.

* If traveling by car, leave room in your itinerary for “zoomie” breaks. It can be difficult for a young child (and parents, too!) to sit in a car for hours on end. Take a 15-minute break now and then at a family-friendly rest stop or park to stretch, run off a little energy or make silly noises.

* Try to maintain some likeness to your child’s typical schedule. A child with a general sense of what to expect and when is generally a happier child!