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Apple Printing

The Goddard School® located in Wayland, MA, recommends trying new activities with your child!



Paint (Use washable poster paint for paper prints and fabric paints for clothes)

Paper plates

Something to print on

Newspaper to protect table

Art smocks

Knife to cut the apple

*Children should have adult supervision throughout this activity.


How To:

  1. Cover your working area with newspaper, and make sure everyone is wearing old clothes or a smock!
  2. Pour paint on to paper plates (one color per plate).
  3. Cut the apples in half.  Create an apple silhouette by cutting the apple from top to bottom, or create a circle with a star by cutting the apple horizontally.  Have your child guess what each shape will look like before you cut the apple, or brainstorm different ways to create different shapes with the apple.
  4. Have your child dip the flat side of the apple in the paint, thoroughly covering the apple, and then place it on the printing surface.
  5. Have fun creating fun designs and pictures with your homemade stamps!