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Sufficient Hydration is Necessary for a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of us are concerned that our children have good eating habits to ensure proper growth; however, not many of us put as much thought into the amount of water our little ones consume. What is the proper amount of water for children?

Water is not a one size fits all commodity. The amount of water children need depends on their age, weight and gender.Although there is not an exact number, we all could use a little more H2O to keep us on the go.

Here are some tips to increase your child’s water consumption.

·         The most efficient and effective way to boost your child’s water intake is to always have it available. Whether he is at home, at school or playing outdoors, make sure your child is always within reach of water.


·         Encourage your child to drink water by simply placing it in front of him without any alternative options. If he does not have soda or other sugary beverages around him, he will be more likely to drink the water without a fuss.


·         Increase your child’s consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain large volumes of water, such as strawberries, oranges, watermelon and cucumbers.


·         Be a good example; increase your water intake as well. This will not only keep you on track with how much water you consume, but watching you drink water will ensure that your child will want to drink it too.


Staying hydrated helps children focus better in school, brightens their mood and improves their performance in day to day activities.

Grab a glass of water for you and your little one, and start increasing your intake today.