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Let It Snow

Whether you have several feet of snow or are dreading a flurry, your children are sure to be excited about SNOW!  Here are a few ideas to help you see the magic they see in the cold and wet precipitation.


  • When using glue with young children:  Pour the glue into a shallow container (egg cartons are great for this!) and allow your child to use a paintbrush to apply the glue to a surface.
  • Be prepared for messes.
  • Cover your work areas with newspaper.
  • Use your kitchen or a tiled area to make clean-up less stressful.
  • Put your child in a smock or an old t-shirt to avoid costly messes.
  • Remember your own childhood and relish the FUN!

Icicle Painting

  1. Freeze a tray of ice cubes with a popsicle stick in each cube.
  2. Cover a table with newspaper.
  3. Use either watercolor paper or wax paper as your surface.
  4. Let your child rub their icicles across the surface.
  5. Let your child sprinkle dry paint over their icicle painting.
  6. Watch your child enjoy the art that appears.
  7. If you actually have icicles, your children can use them instead of ice cubes.  Make sure they wear their mittens for this project.

Snow Painting

  1. Accumulate a few inches of snow.
  2. Prepare paint (watercolor, tempera, or food coloring) in containers for outdoor use.
  3. Bring the paint, paintbrushes, and children outside.
  4. Let your children paint the snow freestyle.
  5. Build a snowman and paint him too!

Snow “Spritzing”

  1. Accumulate a few inches of snow.
  2. Fill empty squeeze bottles with a combination of water and food coloring.
  3. Bring the spray bottles and children outside, and let the “spritzing” begin!

Snow Art

  1. Spray shaving cream on a table or placemat.
  2. Let your child finger-paint with the shaving cream.
  3. When your child has completed a design, press a piece of dark construction paper over it.
  4. The result is a snowy scene!

Snow Balls

  1. Prepare a workspace with construction paper, markers, glue, cotton balls and scraps of paper or fabric.
  2. Ask your child to draw a winter hat or mittens on his/her construction paper.
  3. Let your child warm the picture up with cotton balls and fabric or paper scraps.

*Children should have adult supervision throughout all activities.