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Magical “Lovies”: Your Child’s Favorite Stuffed Animal

Has your young toddler started carrying around a favorite stuffed animal or blankie? Their attachment to this beloved object is normal—and can even be helpful! These “lovies” allow your little one to soothe him or herself in stressful moments and provide comfort or courage. The feeling of security is so important for a child during the transitional time of toddlerhood.

Just what is the magic behind the tattered blankie, soft pup-pup or fuzzy little froggy? These lovies help our toddlers to control their insecurities or frustrations. Many children select a lovey that is soft, comforting and calming for them to rub, cuddle or hug when mommy or daddy may not be readily available. Some may pick a lovey that reminds them of mommy or daddy. And, some may choose a lovey that seems completely odd to parents, but makes perfect sense to them in their unique and magical toddler world.

But, once your little one has become smitten—you know, the “won’t leave the house without it” kind of smitten—consider picking up a “stunt double.” If your lovey is machine washable, switch them out each week so they wear evenly. Set limits as to when the lovey can accompany your child to reduce the chance of it getting lost: “It is ok for Pup-pup to come to School, but he must stay in the cubby except during naptime,” or “Froggy can ride with us to the supermarket, but must wait in the car while we shop.”