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Chores & Role-Playing

Children, even as young as toddlers, just love to role play. Letting them help out with chores provides valuable life lessons about teamwork, family, responsibility and accountability.

To grown-ups, these are some of the daily tasks that just have to get done. However, to a child, it’s a chance to role-play or imitate grown-ups. Children who participate in family activities at a young age may even feel an added sense of accomplishment, greater self-confidence and greater sense of value within their family.

Here are a few ideas for including your child (while supervised and/or as developmentally appropriate) in daily chores:

  • Matching socks—also great for learning colors, comparing, etc.!
  • Carrying in the mail (add an occasional letter or postcard for your child for extra fun)
  • Setting the dinner table
  • Clearing their own plastic dishes and utensils after mealtime
  • Helping to pack lunches into lunchboxes
  • Dusting
  • Watering the plants
  • Selecting their outfit for the next day
  • Filling a beloved pet’s water bowl
  • Vacuuming

How do your children participate in family chores?