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Give ‘Em Props: Imaginary Play

Blocks - Boy BGuide your child into imaginative play by providing a few simple and developmentally appropriate props.

  • Blocks are so simple, yet they can be used for and as so many things;
  • A cardboard box can become a car to ride in, a secret hiding place or a mountain to climb;
  • A lightweight pot, extra spatula, kitchen mitts and empty egg cartons can help your child whip up a little something special;
  • Theme- or season-related items in the dress-up box can inspire hours of creativity. Switch them out to keep it fresh and fun. Add extra hats and mittens in the winter, bunny ears and silk flowers in the spring, colorful faux leaves in the fall and a straw hat for the summer. Or, try adding an apron for “cooking,” fairy wings, a firefighter hat and a “cape” for turning your child into a superhero.

What are your child’s favorite props?