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Interest Your Children in Reading

Reading - Teacher & Girl BConvincing your children to read can be a difficult task, especially when television and video games are so accessible. How, in a world so focused on technology, can we encourage children to step away from the remote and pick up a book?

  • You’ve heard the phrase ‘monkey see, monkey do.’ In order to change your child’s habits, you also have to focus on your own. If you’re spending a lot of time in front of the television and computer screen, your children will follow your example. The same is true about reading, so it’s important to set aside certain times during the day for reading so your children will start getting in the habit of doing the same.
  • Reading out loud can introduce your children to storytelling and help your children learn to enjoy reading. Creating funny voices for characters or acting scenes out can make reading a fun and interactive experience for children.
  • If your family has a lot of interesting stories, create your own family history book.  This may become an interesting family artifact.

How do you make reading fun?