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Archive for April, 2013

Mother’s Day Handprint Bouquet

Family - Mom Daughter AMother’s Day is almost here!  Let’s shower mom with our love and make a homemade Handprint Bouquet!


  • A piece of scrap paper
  • Colored cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Crayons and/or markers
  • Scissors
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Single-hole punch
  • Ribbon



  1. Trace your child’s hand on a piece of scrap paper and cut the tracing out with scissors.
  2. Use this cutout as a template for tracing your child’s handprint onto five or six pieces of colored cardstock. (Children who are old enough to use a pencil may enjoy this task!)
  3. Cut out all of the new tracings with scissors. Punch a hole in the bottom of each one, just above the bottom edge of the palm, with the single-hole punch.
  4. After all the handprints are cut out and the holes are punched, encourage your little one to use the crayons and/or markers to draw colorful designs on the handprints.
  5. Fold one pipe cleaner in half for each handprint “flower.”
  6. Thread about ¼ inch of the folded end of the pipe cleaner into the hole you punched in the handprint. Fold it down to the secure the pipe cleaner to the cardstock.
  7. Twist the two sides of the pipe cleaner together to create a stem.
  8. Repeat for all of the handprints.
  9. Once all of the handprint flowers are complete, tie them into a bunch with a ribbon. Present them to Mom, Grandma or Auntie to thank her for all that she does!


*An adult should oversee all activities. Activities may not be appropriate for all ages.


Edible Creations: Play with Your Food!

It’s a fact: children love to play with their food. Here’s an activity that is fun and lets children eat their creations!

Grab a couple bags of marshmallows (you can use minis, regular size or jumbo, or offer a selection of all three sizes) and a package or two of pretzel sticks. Set everything out on a table and let your little ones use their imaginations to create snowflakes, animals, houses and more by connecting the pretzel sticks to the marshmallows. When they are finished, snap pictures of their edible masterpieces for posterity and then dig in!


*An adult should oversee all activities.  Activities may not be appropriate for all ages.

Root for Earth with The Goddard School!

Infants & Teacher with Bubbles ATo plant the seeds of environmental awareness in their communities, Goddard Schools across the nation are hosting Root for Earth, a week-long celebration of conservation that features a variety of activities for promoting a healthier Earth for future generations.

The celebration kicks off on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, with a flip of the switch as nearly 400 Goddard Schools nationwide turn off all non-essential lighting for one hour. Additionally, the children will participate in environmentally friendly activities throughout the week. Stop by from Monday, April 22 to Friday, April 26 to Root for Earth with us!