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Indoor Beach Party


Getting tired of the cold and anxiously waiting for spring? Not a problem, host an indoor beach party for your family and friends.

Crank up the heat, put on your bathing suit and blast some summer tunes. Get everyone in the ‘warm’ mood by inflating beach balls, adding seashells around the house and offering grass hula skirts for your guests. Consider having a tiki bar with decorative cups, silly straws and fruit punch. Here are a few activities to help get you started:

  1. Get sand from a craft store and fill a bucket with the sand. Hide jewels and riches in the sand, and then have a treasure hunt. Provide mini shovels for your littles to use for digging.
  2. Take a laundry basket and use it as a basketball hoop. Have your children use beach balls to play indoor beach basketball.
  3. Play some beach bowling using a beach ball and empty paper towel rolls.


Enjoy the endless possibilities of indoor beach fun with your little one!