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Energy Savings for a Healthier Earth


Sometimes we’re all guilty of leaving lights on, blasting heat, running water excessively and spending countless hours in front of the TV watching our favorite programs.

As our children grow, it is important to teach them to conserve resources to keep our earth healthy for generations to come.

Instead of reprimanding our children for not turning off the lights and the television, we should reward them when they do turn off electrical devices that are not being used. Explain to your child that if he turns off the lights every time he leaves a room, he will receive a reward. For example, he may choose his favorite meal for Friday night dinner, or he can pick a movie for the whole family to enjoy.

In some locations, the outside temperature can drop below freezing in the winter. Be sure to turn the heat down when leaving your house and turn it up when you return home. However, if you turn the heat off completely and then turn it on when you return home, sometimes you may waste more energy than by simply turning it down when you leave the house. You should check with your local energy supplier for best practices for your home.

Encourage everyone in your family to fill his free time with activities other than television. Save energy by reading a book, playing a board game or getting crafty.

What are some ways your family works to save energy?