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Five Swaps for Single-Use Plastics at School


During Root for Earth, which runs from April 1 to April 22 this year, we are focusing on how to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. Here are five swaps you can make at school to help keep our planet clean.

  1. Reusable water bottles – Whether you prefer a BPA-free hard plastic bottle or a metal one, drinking from reusable water bottles is a great way to cut back on the consumption of single-use plastic bottles, which is also a handy way to save money. Plus, your child can decorate his bottle to make it his own!
  2. Lunch boxes or insulated bags – Instead of filling a plastic or paper bag with foods in zip-top plastic baggies, give your child a reusable lunch box, which will save you money in the long run. You can put each food item, such as carrots or apple slices, into individual reusable containers and pack those containers in the reusable lunch box. You could also pack a bento box, which is a creative, fun way to keep foods separated. Bento boxes are perfect for picky eaters who don’t like their foods to touch.
  3. Reusable eating utensils – Pack reusable metal or plastic utensils in your child’s lunch box or insulated bag. You can also buy reusable sporks, which are two utensils in one.
  4. Reusable baby-wipe cases – Baby wipes often come packaged in disposable plastic baby-wipe cases. Reusing these baby-wipe cases can help cut back on the amount of plastic you use. Just buy baby wipes in bulk, and refill your case when it’s empty.
  5. Reusable wet bags for soiled clothes – Accidents happen. When they do, the soiled clothes are usually put in a plastic bag. This is a good way to repurpose plastic bags, but using a reusable wet bag is a more eco-friendly solution. As a bonus, wet bags come in different designs and colors.