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Moms & Dads: What to Do to Prepare for the Flu

Flu season has officially arrived.  Although you have taken every precaution to keep you and your family healthy, there is always a chance someone will get sick—and that someone could be you!  Here are a few simple tips for getting your family through the flu with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

  •  Take inventory of your medicine cabinet. Check with your family doctor or pharmacist about what medications are appropriate for each member of your family. (Keep all medicines out of reach of children.)
  • Stock up on herbal tea, orange juice (or other foods or beverages with vitamin C) and chicken noodle soup. (Research shows there is some scientific basis for the curative powers of chicken soup!)
  • Prepare a list of contact information of friends and family who can assist with rides to and from school and after-school/weekend activities.
  • Keep a few prepared and/or crockpot meals in the freezer for easy dinners.
  • Rest! It can be hard to relax when you have a family depending on you, but you need rest to feel better. Consider calling a relative or babysitter to come watch your little ones so you can catch some Zs.