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National Day of Listening

Sometimes we should be listening to our children rather than talking to them. When our children do something wrong, instead of immediately telling them what they did wrong, listen to why they did it and ask them why they think it was wrong. Today is the National Day of Listening. At dinner tonight, ask your children what is happening in their world and genuinely listen to them. It’s important for us to listen to our children to fully understand what is going on in their lives.


Let your friends and family know what today is and remind them to listen to their children and their loved ones as well.

Turn on Those Listening Ears!

Have you found it challenging to capture your preschooler’s attention these days? Many parents try speaking louder or may yell out of frustration. While yelling can be scary for children, those who hear it often may simply tune it out. Your child may be ignoring you on purpose, exercising their “selective hearing” or just daydreaming.

Pssst! Here’s a hinttry whispering! A whisper can prompt your child to feel that something “secret” or “super special” is about to be said—and that’s something most preschoolers can’t resist!

How do you gain your child’s attention?