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Pack a Healthy Lunch…that your child will enjoy!

Introduce your children to healthy eating by involving them in the lunch preparation.  Children have a tendency to eat and try new foods that they helped to prepare.  And children who help in the kitchen build their confidence which makes them feel important and proud.

Avoid brown bag boredom and try the following healthy, easy and fun options.  Bonus – your children will want to eat these choices!

Turn lunch into an adventure:

  • Cut sandwiches into playful shapes with cookie cutters.  Children are more excited about eating a star- or dinosaur-shaped sandwich because it makes the experience fun!  Choose cheese or deli meats to replace breads and cut them into fun shapes, too.

Make lunch fun by including a dip:

  • Yogurt is a great dip for fruit.
  • Provide hummus for veggies.

Use a variety of ‘sandwich’ options:

  • Bagels, pita bread, wheat wraps or crackers.

Consider packing applesauce or yogurt as a treat in lieu of a ‘sweet’ dessert.