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Root for Earth Event Saves More Than 3.6 Million Watts of Energy and Emphasizes the Importance of Environmental Responsibility

In an age of recycling, farm-to-table initiatives and hybrid vehicles, environmental conservation is more important than ever. For the eighth year in a row, pint-sized eco-crusaders are getting in on the fun during The Goddard School’s weeklong Root for Earth event.



Seven years ago, The Goddard School®, the nation’s best-in-class preschool franchise system focusing on learning through play for children from six weeks to six years old, began dedicating an entire week to an environmental stewardship campaign to educate children, families and community members on how they can conserve energy, cut back on waste and preserve natural resources.

Now, more than 480 Goddard School preschools across the country are gearing up for the eighth consecutive year of Root for Earth, a week-long environmental campaign where children plant, build with recycle materials and learn how to incorporate conservation into their everyday routines.

During Root for Earth, preschoolers from The Goddard School will participate in a range of engaging activities including planting gardens, hosting recycled fashion shows, building robots from recycled materials and other eco-friendly projects inspired by STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and math). Their creations will be shared on The Goddard School’s national Facebook page where the public will be given a chance to vote for their favorite project from May 14 through May 18. Winners will be announced on May 21.

In addition to the wide array of eco-friendly fun, students will participate in a signature Root for Earth campaign on Friday, April 20, called “Lights Out!” Every Goddard School across the country will shut off all non-essential lighting for one hour beginning at 10 AM local time, which could save more than 3.4 million watts of energy. This initiative has helped save up to 21.8 million watts of energy since 2011.

“During our Root for Earth campaign, children engage in fun, hands-on activities that promote the importance of how our planet works and how to care for it properly,” said Dr. Craig Bach, vice president of Education at Goddard Systems, Inc., the franchisor of The Goddard School.  “When children participate in playful learning activities that focus on environmental preservation, they develop valuable communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills while discovering creative solutions to help preserve natural resources and protect our planet.”


40,000 Children Step Up for the Environment

Gardening - Kids & TeacherWe are proud to announce The Goddard School has joined the Earth Hour movement for the second consecutive year.

Across 350 Goddard Schools nationwide, more than 40,000 children will help spread the message that by working together, each one of them can make a positive impact toward a sustainable future. The Goddard Schools will launch an entire week of activities and lesson plans beginning March 22 leading up to a big celebration for the Stepping Up for the Environment event on March 26 at 10 a.m., when schools will turn off any non-essential lighting for one hour.

“We want children to think about how we all impact the environment in our daily lives and how each one of us can make a difference. Earth Hour provides a great opportunity to accomplish that,” said Joseph Schumacher, CEO of Goddard Systems, Inc. “As educators and as parents, we want to help children understand that how they care for and protect the earth will affect future generations.”

In preparation for Earth Hour, Goddard Schools will integrate the environment into a number of engaging learning activities including art projects, science lessons and even snack time! Classes will build musical instruments out of recycled materials and hold newspaper fashion shows using costumes that students create from old newspapers, magazines and paper bags. Schools will also nominate an official “Lightning Bug,” who will be responsible for always turning off the classroom lights when the children exit the room.

This year, Goddard Schools will get global. Classes will team up with preschools in sister cities across the globe and exchange drawings and ideas for helping the environment. Then the children will “green” their own communities, by planting trees and picking up trash around school grounds. They will also create invitations asking parents and neighboring buildings to join them in Earth Hour, as well as city officials and environmental leaders, to join them in the week’s Earth Hour activities.

On March 26, a day before the global Earth Hour event, Goddard Schools will celebrate Earth Hour with the Stepping Up for the Environment celebration. Goddard Schools across the country will create a large banner and students will decorate it with handprints and footprints, leaving their own little “carbon” footprint. Then, at 10 a.m., schools will turn off any non-essential lighting for one hour.

Participation in Earth Hour supports Goddard Systems, Inc.’s ongoing efforts and commitment to the environment.  Recently, Goddard has become involved with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) which give schools the option of purchasing wind energy credits, offsetting 100% of a schools electricity usage with clean, renewable wind power.